10 Brilliant Life Hacks Of Vicks VapoRub You Didn't Know Yet

When we all contract cold, we turn to Vicks Vaporub balm and feel so much relieved from the blocked nose, sore throat, chest congestion and coughing problem, right? Besides relieving you from the cold flue, you can use vicks vaporub for other purposes as well. Didn’t you know that? Well, all girls out there must be aware of the fact that you can enhance the colour of your henna on your hands just by rubbing it. That’s the trick I even used to use and always felt amazed with the henna colour

Vicks VapoRub is a multi-purpose comforting balm for curing many of the diseases you must have never ever thought about it before.

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Doing away with rigid stretch marks

Doing away with rigid stretch marks
Stretch marks are the real pain for people who are growing old, trying to lose those extra pounds and specifically the pregnant ladies. The primary ingredients help in getting rid of stretch marks with ease.