Signs That You Are An Abusive Wife Not Just Bitchy

Let’s be honest, all women can be abusive at times. We have our limits and sometimes we take things out on the wrong people, in the wrong manner. But if abusive behaviour is the norm in your relationship, you might want to take a moment and reflect. Does this list sound familiar to you?

There’s an old saying that “a wife’s job is to provide her husband peace, not pain.” But, as any married woman knows, there are times when we can all be a little abusive in our words and our actions, especially when the stressors of life become too great. But, an abusive wife is a much different creature.

10 signs you are with an abusive wife

Being abusive comes in many forms. Whether she withholds love from you, is an expert at silent treatment, verbal abuse, or physically abuses you, it is not okay. You are not to blame. If you are good with who and what you are, then you don’t have to stick around to take it. No matter what commitment you made.

If you stay for the kids, remember this, they see what goes on. If you have boys, you are BOTH teaching them that abusive relationships are the norm by staying. If you have girls, you teach them that it is okay to disrespect the man they enter into a marriage with.

In the end, you do no one any favors by looking the other way. For the health of you, your wife, and your children, it is time to say stop, or it is time to say goodbye for good.

#1 She talks down about you to other people.

#1 She talks down about you to other people.

It is your partner’s job to be your best friend and your promotional agent. Even in times when you aren’t getting along, bashing you, telling your deepest secrets, or telling people what a failure you are, isn’t cool. Yes, it is highly abusive.

It is meant to put you down so you are robbed of your self-worth. She dominates your relationship and controls everyone and everything.